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Greater Mood and Wellness

Joint Care Bundle

Joint Care Bundle

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Platinum Turmeric With Bioperine

The active ingredients found within turmeric are known to reduce inflammation and exert antioxidant benefits.

Product benefits:

  • Helps fight inflammation
  • High in antioxidants
  • Supports joint health
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Joint pain and stiffness
  • Severe Joint Pain-Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain-Joint Pain and Stiffness

Magnesium Glycinate

Magnesium Glycinate is one of the most important nutrients needed throughout the body and essential for a nutritious life. It is responsible for helping many functions and processes throughout the whole body. This is also a needed nutrient to help the body sleep and recover on a day to day basis.

Health Benefits:

  • Supports bones
  • Natural Sleep Aid
  • Joint Support
  • Increase Natural Testosterone Production
  • Natural Calming Agent

Joint Flex-How to Reduce Arthritis Swelling Naturally

Greater Mood and Wellness Joint Flex comes with 60 Capsules to help improve joint mobility, increase stability,  joint stiffness and joint discomfort right at root to the problem. You can  relax with improved joint comfort and support  naturally without  synthetic painkillers and medications that can do more harm than good in the long run.
  • Help Improve Joint Mobility*
  • Increased Joint Stability*
  • Improved Joint Comfort & Support*
  • Treating arthritis in hands
  • 60 Capsule Bottle
  • 30 Day Supply
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